Where do I go from here?

Ok, so I filled out the application for unemployment. I’ve got an appointment with Family Services tomorrow, and I’ve got a bunch of applications out there sitting, with a bunch more in the mill.  I’ve posted my resume at a local job site, and have gotten nothing but a couple of scam offers from there so far. Sorry, I’m not interested in MLM and I can submit my own resume to “85 top job boards” myself. LIke I have anything better to do.

The news says that the job outlook is getting better in the area, but that’s relative.  The January unemployment rate was over 13%, while the national average is just under 9%. That’s not promising for finding a new job. That being said, I’m still going to keep looking and I am not above going into fast food at this point.

I’ve got my Etsy shop open, but the listings are pretty bare at the moment. Hell, I don’t even know if anyone has looked at them other than Kristen and me. The problem is that if I want to have the possibility of business, I need a fair number of products, but having product means shelling out the money for materials in the first place.  I get the impression that Kristen is not keen on me spending more money that we don’t really have on something that may not serve any purpose.

I guess I could consider Farmer’s markets in the area, though. It sure can’t hurt, right?

This sucks.

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  • memyselfandkids

    Sorry it is not going so well. Good luck in your search.

    • Geordon

      Thank you. Things aren’t looking grim yet, especially since I literally just started the search, and I have a supportive family. It’s just jarring since I’ve been in the same place for 13 years and been forced to change. I get to start my next phase of education (BA program) in just over a month, so that will be good, too.

      Thanks for reading!

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