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Potato aprehension

I finally have everything on hand to build a couple of potato towers, but the things that I’m seeing online suggest that potatoes grown in towers have a relatively low harvest.  To the tune of about 3 pounds of harvest for every pound of seed used

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Food in Jars

While I was looking for some home canning gear (I am in need of a water bath canner for this Summer’s expected harvest) and I stumbled across the blog Food in Jars by way of Googling for “Steam Canner” information.  I had no idea what a steam canner is and I saw the reference in my search for water bath canners.

Anyway, I found Food in Jars.  What a cool site!  Clever Girl Marisa McClellan talks about home canning and small-scale food preservation, among other things. She’s got recipes galore, and may have me begging for a pressure canner in the moderately near future.

She’s also got a big list of other canning bloggers as well as a list of what she calls “flavors” and appears to be food-related blogs.

Check her out!

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