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Bog fat blob

Oh. My. God. I am in the process of tilling up my garden area, and have discovered something: I don’t think I will be able to do it all as I wanted. One of the 4×8 beds down, one more of the same and a pumpkin patch to go. I can barely lift my forearms.

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A couple of notes about the flowers

A couple of notes.  First! I am totally out of shape. 20 minutes of stooping over and pulling weeds out of the ground kicked my ass.

Second! I’m happy to see that the lavender that was planted last year is still there, and has significant new growth. I’m just confused as to why it smells somewhat lemon-y.

Third! To whomever planted peony plants where I’m growing flowers, SCREW YOU. Those things are like cockroaches. They are hard to kill (dig up), they come out of nowhere (their rhizomes run deep, are HARD, and split off all over the place), and if you don’t want them, they show up anyway.

May have to take a trip out to the home improvement store to see about getting some new tools. The ones that we have are in a sad state of repair.

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