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Busy in the kitchen

First, about the pickled eggs. I am LOVING them! I now have to get more eggs to boil, and more vinegar to make another batch. These pickles are ALL mine. *grin*

PIckled eggs

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Happy windfall FTW

You never know when something will fall out of the sky and make your life just that much easier for a little while.  That happened to me today. I got a check for my unused vacation balance from the old job.

I ve about where the money to rent the garden tiller was going to come from, as well as where the cash to put into the potato towers to get them ready to grow. Then there is the consignment order that I have for the end of May that I need to fill to get Gentleman’s Cabinet off on the right foot. A friendly couple that we know will have a vendor table at WisCon over the Memorial Day weekend and they have expressed a willingness to take some of my goods to try to sell. Look for Traditional Treasures if you’re there and say hi to Betsy and Warren!

Anyway! The funding for these projects was not clear or obvious, but it is not a problem now. I’ll have the funds available for use next Monday (After Kristen and the kids get back from ACen) and will be able to order a number of things that I need early next week. Yay!

It really takes a load off of the mind, knowing how I can make the garden work soon. I can rent the tiller and get the garden prepped and some seeds sown. I can make some products to hopefully sell them over Memorial Day weekend. And, I can buy some canning stuff in order to be able to preserve some foods. I may even have enough left over to get a small pressure canner, so that I can put up some vegetables from the garden some way other than just pickled. Not everyone in the house likes pickles.

In other news, I have orientation at Target next Friday, and hopefully I’ll be able to start working soon after that. I need to be doing something that makes some progress, since most of my plans, like the garden, are mostly on hold at the moment. Once that money gets into my hands, things can progress. I can finally get the garden started, too, which will make me feel less useless.

Have you ever been in a situation that a windfall of some sort turns you right around? I’d like to hear your experience!

Push, meet shove.

I have been kicking around the idea of making and selling a certain few personal care products for several years.  Mostly soap and lip balm, but recently tooth powder.  I guess now is as good a time as any to let the rubber meet the road.

I have made lip balm in the past, and it’s very easy to do, but challenging to do well. A couple of years back, I made a batch of it at home, and Kristen fell in love with it. She was previously a Burt’s Bees girl, but she ended up liking mine much more, since it wasn’t as hard as Burt’s or Chap Stick.

Since I’m in a position where I need to maximize income points at the moment, I figure that now is as good a time as any to stop talking and start doing.  I’m not sure that I can make any sort of impact in the 11,000 items that Etsy has listed for “lip balm” but what I do know is that the first dozen or so pages are chock full of “girlie” lip balms and lip tints. By that, I mean that they are mostly “sweet” flavors, like fruits or candies, with the occasional herbal or what I would call more “Savory” flavor of balm.

So, I just need to make some of my “original” recipe balm (peppermint, beeswax and almond oil) and start the ball rolling.  Then I need to make some tooth powder base and feel that out. After that, I will need to come up with some more/different/unique/interesting less sweet flavors that may appeal to the male market more than not.

I’m open for ideas and would appreciate suggestions in the comments.  Who knows, you might become famous because of it!

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