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Trying to plan for the future. Again.

Several years ago, I went to school for an EMT-Basic ticket. The class was pretty easy, information wise, and the practials weren’t hard, either. But, I couldn’t get work in town as a part-time EMT-Basic, and I let my license expire. ┬áRecently, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting licensed again, especially since I can only find part time work right now. The cost of the program is roughly a thousand dollars (including books), which I think I can scrape together without damaging the family economy any more than I already have.

EMS is a young man’s career choice. The pay sucks, and the work is complex and physical. And, much of the employment opportunity is either in fire-service or part time as an EMT-B. But, this is not a career decision for me, I don’t think. It’s a stepping stone, a waiting point, if you will, until I can finish my degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Ok, I started writing the above several hours ago. In the mean time, I discovered that I might just be able to get help paying for the local EMT-B class via the “dislocated worker program” in the area. Must call during business hours.

I wonder what Kristen will say…

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