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Starting the garden off

We are not past the danger of frost, as evidenced by the past three nights of sub-freezing temperatures. In fact, I’ve been bringing in the pots of herbs just in case it gets too cold.

That being said, there are a bunch of things that I can and should be doing in order to get the raised beds ready for planting. Since they’ve been growing wild for a couple of years, I need to rent a tiller in order to break through the weeds and loosen the soil. After due consideration, we’ve also decided that there will be a couple of regular beds opened up along the fence line, so that we can grow some melons and squash (e.g. pumpkins for Halloween) for later in the season.

But, like I said, I need to rent a tiller. I found out that Home Depot rents them, either by 4 hours or all day, and for less than $50.00 so the price is decent. There is a rental place closer to home, so I still want to check that out, but the Home Depot is available. The plan is to rent the tiller this coming weekend and have at.

Some other things that I am able to do at this point include obtaining soil amendments for the raised beds in advance of the tilling, and picking up seeds and the like. I’m also planning on planting a “potato tower” that I saw on Pinterest. Potatoes make up a fairly large portion of our family diet, so having some home grown would make for an interesting experiment.

Since I’m getting what many “serious” gardeners would consider a late start, I’m going to be using seed packets from the garden centers this year, though I would like to plant heirloom varieties next season, so that I can save seeds and not have to buy all over again. Why can’t I save seeds from the garden store packet plants? They’re often trademarked or copyrighted (not sure which applies) by companies like Monsanto, or they grow sterile seeds

So, here’s my plan for today: scope out the fence line for planting melons and squash, and decide where I want to put them.

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