You’re a college student. Write like it!

I have little tolerance for stupidity in daily life. I have even less when it comes to education. I’m in a 400-level class and not only can’t some of the students read the assignment schedule, but they write like they’re on Facebook!

“Your” and “you’re” are different words, with different meanings. As a junior in college, you should know the difference. Also, “thru” is not an acceptable word for academic writing. It’s an informal simplification of “through” which is the preferred in most writing.

Academic writing is not informal, by any stretch. The syllabus states “[t]hese are academic dialogs and you should avoid informal instant messaging style language” on page 1. Let me restate that for you: TALK LIKE A GROWN UP!

Something else that bugged me this week is that our mid-term was due on Sunday night. Monday mid-day, someone posts message asking if anyone else is having problems submitting work to the online plagiarism checker (TurnItIn), which is a requirement before turning the paper in. Upon careful examination of the  TurnItIn web page, it explicitly states that the deadline for turn-in is 29-Jul-2012 11:59 PM. A quick glance at a calendar suggests that the time in question is midnight, Sunday night. In most civilized countries, Monday comes after Sunday.

Critical thinking skills. I has them.

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