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So week 4 ends today for my latest set of classes. These are “Social Media Application to Emergency and Disaster Management” and “Homeland Security Organization” and they are quite different from my Psychology program classes.  I think part of that is the fact that I am in a different school, but also the fact that I went from an Associate’s degree to a Bachelor’s degree. 

As interesting as my Social Media class is, I am one of two students in it, and I end up doing as much teaching as anything else. Both the instructor and the other student are new to the social media scent, where I have been on Twitter for more than 5 years. Neither of them is comfortable with social media, where I bathe in the stuff, so to speak. But, I’m doing my best to make sure that I share my knowledge with them, so that they learn as much as I can share. So far, it seems that they are making strides and getting more interested in social media in the emergency management realm. Since this class is brand spanking new (and an admitted work in progress) it’s all good. My expectations were just too hight at the outset. Ah, well.

My other class is rather more daunting. Last week (week 4) I had to complete a mid-term exam which consisted of 10 essay response questions. I ended up writing about 2000 words, total, for all 10 questions. What was worse, though, is that I had to do a LOT of supplemental research and reading, above and beyond what we’d covered in class work, in order to complete the test. It took the better part of two and a half days. I really hope that I did it right!

Next session’s classes are Psychology of Disaster and Intro to Meteorology. Both of those should be interesting. I’m particularly interested in seeing if my AA in Psych is useful in my Psych of Disaster class.

That’s all for now!

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