Kristen and the kids are at the Illinois Job’s Daughters Grand Session this weekend, while I am home nominally alone. That’s not a problem, though I have not done anything productive today. 🙂  The problem is that there are problems issues with the event participation. 

First, there were no schedules of events that were readily available. Both Kristen and Katie have anxiety when they are unable to know what should be going on and when. Add to that the fact that Kristen has run events for several hundreds of individual participants in the past (she knows how it “should” work) and she gets a little irritated with an event.

Then, too, there are mostly just locked-door policy and voting meetings. No “attendant” track of things to entertain, educate, or otherwise occupy those people who are attending the event that have no requirement to be in the locked-door meetings. Translation: BORED. I’M BORED, YOU’RE BORED, WE’RE ALL BORED

Never a good place to be. What’s worse is that the last part of the event doesn’t even start until 7 PM. They give up the hotel room at noon. So, they’ll have no place to retreat to in order to rest, and they will be making a 2+ hour trip home in the dead of night. They expect to be back somewhere around 1:30 AM. Did I mention that Kristen (the only driver) usually hits the sack about 9 or 9:30?

There’s nothing that I can do to make the situation better. I feel bad, yet I’m powerless to do anything to help. That inability to do anything is a rather frustrating place to be.

And that’s where I am. Sigh.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Powerlessness by Geordon VanTassle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  • kittyb78

    You can pray for them to have a safe trip, or try to convince Kristen to get another room for the night.

    • Geordon

      Thanks for reading! In my perfect world, they would just get another room for the night, but we can’t afford it. Things have been amazingly tight since I lost my job a couple of months back.

      Even with prayer, there’s nothing that I can do to *directly* influence (improve) the situation. Which can lead to anxiety.

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