Party on! Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

This week is the 2012 installation of the Ultimate Blog Party, as started by 5minutesformom back in 2007.  I have to say that I hand;t heard about this before, but considering that I’m starting to become something of a full-time (?) lifestyle blogger, I should throw my hat into the ring. I suspect that most of the participants will be “Mom bloggers” but they have a separate category just for us “Dad bloggers” this year.

Come take a look around and see what the party has in store!

My ugly mug

I live with depression, and have recently lost my job, so I’m kind of in a tight spot. Fortunately, I have a supportive family, and a good outlook, so I’m not crushing under the situation. I blog about my life and how I am dealing with the changes to my self-image, coming from a provider role into a support role in the family. I am becoming something more of a “Mr. Mom” because of the situation.

I hope to be able to make some connections to other Dad bloggers through the party, and maybe making a few friends at that.


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  • kittyb78

    The economy is hitting us all pretty rough. My husband lost 3 jobs in a row overseas and that was five years ago. Will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    Stopping by from UBP. I just joined this year.

    I can be found here:!/Kittyb78

    • Geordon

      Wow, talk about putting things into perspective. One job loss is bad enough, but three in a row? Yikes! All prayers and/or supplications to any holy being are gratefully and appreciatively welcomed.

      This is my first UBP year, too. WElcome to the fun!

      You may want to look up @Teemonster @Nobilis @Nlowell and @PhilippaJane on Twitter. They are all authors that I am familiar with and have a passing acquaintance with. I memory serves, they’re all published, as well, so might be able to offer insight. Also, @DavidRozansky is a publisher that I follow as well, who has a couple of weekly chats about publishing and such.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Alice

    Hi! Stopping by from #UBP12! This is one great man’s-perspective blog! Good luck with your new job! Also wanted to let you know that we have the secret to great vacations on a budget – truly! hope you get a chance to stop by our blog, too!

    • Geordon

      Thanks for stopping by, Alice! Welcome! Thanks for the well wishes, I appreciate it. I’ve been sitting behind a desk for 15 years, so it’ll be a big change to work on my feet all day. I expect to be dog tired when I get home.

      Vacations on a budget are fabulous!

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