I get by with a little help from my friends

KarmaGo device 2 white
This is Karma Go. Many months ago, I spent my hard-earned money to pre-order a one at a discount. You can get a Karma Go of your own for $10 off, and I get some store credit. That’s not really what makes Karma Go cool though. It is a mobile WiFi Internet hot-spot that has an unusual feature: If someone uses your hot-spot (not your data) you both get some free data.I thought that was a pretty cool idea, I liked the concept, and I understood that the pre-order was for a product that hadn’t been completed yet. The Karma Go is the second generation of the Karma brand hot-spot, and was basically a ground-up redesign of the original Karma.

The company made some amateur mistakes, and missed their original release date by more than half a year. They had originally promised to ship in time for Christmas delivery… Christmas of 2014, that is. Understandably, some buyers are (rightly) pissed that it’s taken Karma so long to get the devices out, and they’ve been clamoring on the blog post announcing that shipping started the likes of “Karma suxorz, whers my thing?!?!” They’re even bitching about the fact that, now that the devices are ready for market and even shipping, why aren’t they all shipped yet?!?!

Some people would bitch if you hung ’em with a new rope.

Early pre-orders were at a $50 discount, which I thought was a good deal, even knowing that the products were not even complete with the design, let alone testing phase. I also knew that I could cancel my pre-order if I changed my mind, but I wanted the device for backup and for travel.

But shipping started about a week ago! Now I’m waiting for my shipping confirmation, which I expect pretty much any day now. I’m looking forward to having backup Internet for the next time we’re in a bind or out traveling. I’ve even got 20 GB paid for and in the bank. That should keep us for a while.

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