Garden Update: 4 May

Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers. And, if I’m not a dumb-ass tomorrow, some jalapeños as well. That’s what’s in the garden this year. Things are looking pretty good, though!

Unfortunately, though, there was some natural selection that happened. One of my basil plants died and most of my slicing cucumbers haven’t come up.

Pictures (taken with my Samsung Captivate Android smart phone) after the jump

I took a handful of garden pictures today, so that I could share them with you all. First, my experiment of the year: Potato tower

 Front view:

Potato tower front view

And one from the back side:

Potato tower from the back


One more, top down:

Potato plants

I’m inordinately proud of these for some reason. I just need to get some more soil so that I can get the other tower in soon.

One of my basil plants was culled by Mother Nature for being a runt. The other 5 are doing rather well, though.

One self-culled

Basil good and strong

Pathetic germination of my slicing cucumbers. I planted a whole lot more seeds than the 4 that came up.

Sucumbers for salad

The pickling cucumbers look promising, though!

Pickling cucumbers

The heirloom Cherokee Purple tomato plant is looking a little bit on the weak side, compared to the genetic monstrosity that is my Roma plant. On a whim, I put some radishes around the Roma, just for kicks.

Cherokee Purple tomatoRoma tomato

The onion sets are looking good, though. They are mostly standing straight and with some nice green growth. I just hope that I planted them “just right” depth wise. The instructions said to plant them shallow, though

Yellow onion sets 

Finally, the bell pepper plants. They’re just minding their own business and doing their own thing, not bothering anybody.

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