Fraternally speaking…

Square and Compass with "faith, hope, charity" bannerI am a Master Mason. I have been inactive for somewhere around 5 years, initially because I was working nights, then because the stated meeting conflicted with my daughters’ Job’s Daughters meeting night, then because of inertia. It wasn’t until recently that I had any impetus to go back, but I did, and am glad.


I was invited to come back, regardless of whatever caused me to stop attending lodge. It seems that Start in the East No. 166 is under new management” and is making a concerted effort to bring in (and bring back) younger members. Keep in mind that “younger” is all relative, since I’m pushing 40 and the average age of our membership is somewhere in the mid 70′s.

Anyway, I was invited (asked, cajoled) to come back because one of the advisors for our son’s DeMolay chapter is serving as an officer in my lodge. On top of that, the other week, there was an installation event at the DeMolay chapter, in which the Worshipful Master (~ president) of Star in the East was in attendance. When he learned that I was a member, he made sure to pass the word (through Kristen) that I should come back and not to worry about my past-due dues or anything else. They wanted me to come back regardless.

So I did. I went back for the last meeting and had a good time. The meeting was long, because there was so much business to get through, but it was nice to see some familiar faces, along with some new ones. Most of the officers are in my age-group (as in within 15 years of my age) which was good to see. These are men that I can relate to, and have more than one thing in common with.

It was good to go back and experience the ritual, pomp, and circumstance associated with a Masonic lodge meeting. I think I got over myself. :D

Now, to figure out what the lodge is going to do in addition to holding meetings. Thats a question for the WM of the lodge.

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