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Thank goodness *that* is over!

I took the final exam for my EMT class tonight, and scored a 90% (B+) on the test. With that, my EMT schooling comes to an end, with the only thing remaining being my National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. The NREMT exam is used by the state of Illinois as a license-equivalency exam. In other words, the NREMT exam can be used to “test out of” the Illinois state license exam, so that I can take the NREMT and become both nationally registered (helps with reciprocity) and Illinois state licensed. The NREMT exam is scheduled for 13:00 Saturday, 7 DEC 2013, and I’m confident that I’ll pass it handily.

The past four months have been a big challenge. I’m also a full-time student, working on a BA in Emergency and Disaster Management, and I work part-time in retail, averaging between 25 and 35 hours a week. Between EMT school and these other efforts, I have had basically no life since I started the EMT class. Kristen is very much looking forward to me coming up for air now that it’s in the can. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to applying at a couple of local ambulance companies in the area, especially sine I’ve been told that they’re hiring big time. Most of my class was in the fire science program, and mostly concerned with the firefighting side of the industry.

This time, I really have the chance to work in Emergency Medical Services, while I complete my BA studies. I really want to get into my field, and out of retail. And I want to do something meaningful for a change. This is a great opportunity.

Last class session is on Thursday, where we get the results of the extra credit opportunity from last week, and we get a few final words from the lead instructor. I’m excited! ­čśÇ

You’re a college student. Write like it!

I have little tolerance for stupidity in daily life. I have even less when it comes to education. I’m in a 400-level class and not only can’t some of the students read the assignment schedule, but they write like they’re on Facebook!

“Your” and “you’re” are different words, with different meanings. As a junior in college, you should know the difference. Also, “thru” is not an acceptable word for academic writing. It’s an informal simplification of “through” which is the preferred in most writing.

Academic writing is not informal, by any stretch. The syllabus states “[t]hese are academic dialogs and you should avoid informal instant messaging style language” on page 1. Let me restate that for you: TALK LIKE A GROWN UP!

Something else that bugged me this week is that our mid-term was due on Sunday night. Monday mid-day, someone posts message asking if anyone else is having problems submitting work to the online plagiarism checker (TurnItIn), which is a requirement before turning the paper in. Upon careful examination of the  TurnItIn web page, it explicitly states that the deadline for turn-in is 29-Jul-2012 11:59 PM. A quick glance at a calendar suggests that the time in question is midnight, Sunday night. In most civilized countries, Monday comes after Sunday.

Critical thinking skills. I has them.

Trying to plan for the future. Again.

Several years ago, I went to school for an EMT-Basic ticket. The class was pretty easy, information wise, and the practials weren’t hard, either. But, I couldn’t get work in town as a part-time EMT-Basic, and I let my license expire. ┬áRecently, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting licensed again, especially since I can only find part time work right now. The cost of the program is roughly a thousand dollars (including books), which I think I can scrape together without damaging the family economy any more than I already have.

EMS is a young man’s career choice. The pay sucks, and the work is complex and physical. And, much of the employment opportunity is either in fire-service or part time as an EMT-B. But, this is not a career decision for me, I don’t think. It’s a stepping stone, a waiting point, if you will, until I can finish my degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Ok, I started writing the above several hours ago. In the mean time, I discovered that I might just be able to get help paying for the local EMT-B class via the “dislocated worker program” in the area. Must call during business hours.

I wonder what Kristen will say…

School update

So week 4 ends today for my latest set of classes. These are “Social Media Application to Emergency and Disaster Management” and “Homeland Security Organization” and they are quite different from my Psychology program classes. ┬áI think part of that is the fact that I am in a different school, but also the fact that I went from an Associate’s degree to a Bachelor’s degree.┬á

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