Cast of Characters

In this blog, I’ll often make reference to my family, and want to help you keep the names straight.

First, and likely most often, we have Kristen Kirk.  She and I were married back in 1999 and some days I don’t know why she tolerates me, but I continually appreciate it.  Sometimes I’ll refer to her as DVCMom (also her Twitter name) or SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). She works as a writer for several websites that focus on Walt Disney properties and lifestyle. She’s very much a Disney Girl (that’s her standing next to Duffy in this picture), and even has a skin-tone Mickey Mouse icon tattoo.  I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of that.

Wonder Teen is my eldest’s nick name, so earned because she’s just that damned good!  Tori (aka CluelessFanGirl on Twitter) turned 18 last year (2011), and she’s gotten a little mouthy since she became an adult, but not in a bad way.  She’s never been one to not speak her mind, but she became much more vocal in her opinions and is much more assertive than she was as a youth.  She’s still one of the kindest and most generous people that I have ever met.  Oh, I’ll also likely call her Anime Girl on occasion, since she’s an anime fan. She works part time at the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford, IL.

Rocket Boy. He’s a teenage boy.  Not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but then again I was something of an idiot when I was his age. Kirk is something of a gamer, and is currently working on ranking in Starcraft 2 php action.

Spawn is our youngest and most challenging child.  I’m pretty sure that she gets that from me. She’s opinionated, headstrong, occasionally belligerent, and home schooled. She’s a young teen as of 2012, but continues to survive birthdays. Katie is a gamer also, and spends much time playing World of Warcraft and something called GaiaOnline

In the supporting roles, we have Erik, our housemate and my best friend. He’s currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in psychology.  He’s also a gamer, and he’s currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. He works nights, so we are like ships passing in the night sometimes.

Finally, we have the supporting characters of Oni and Gemini, Erik’s two dogs. Oni is a Pomeranian/Chinese Crested mix and has personality to spare.  She’s the first dog that I’ve actually seen chase it’s own tail. She also likes to try to catch reflected light on the floor and walls. Gemini is the grande dame of the house.  Somewhere around 10 years old, I think, she’s a German Shepherd and husky (and others) mix. She’s a good old girl, and is the first big dog that Kristen or Katie have been comfortable around. Both dogs like vegetables, especially if we’re eating them out of a veggie tray from the supermarket. Carrots are a special favorite.

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