There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming back to work after a two-week vacation, only to learn that you’ll be out of a job the following week.

Yeah.  That happened to me after 13 years at the company.  And, given the current job economy, I’ll be very challenged to find something in that field (information technology) again, let alone at $80,000 a year.  Fortunately, I’ve been working on exit plans for a couple of years, so I have some education and a certification in another field (healthcare). Unfortunately, this means that I’ll be struggling to find something with health benefits for me and my family.

To make matters that much more interesting, I have clinical depression and anxiety problems.  Both of these are made worse under stress, and add into that the fact that, with no insurance, I’ll be having to go off my medication? Oi, vey!  At this point, I don’t know what I’m going to be able to do about that.  Time will tell.

So, come along with me and see what happens. Everything changes, I just wish it wasn’t so suddenly.

Altun-Ha Sun temple

This is a recent photo of me (on that last vacation, in fact) standing on top of the Sun God temple at the Altun-Ha Mayan ruins in Belize. I never thought I would be doing this!

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