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What You Ask For

What You Ask For.

We are all responsible for our own actions. With that responsibility comes the possibility to ask for what we truly want. Do you have the courage to ask for what you secretly desire?

You know something’s crazy when…

First things first: Sometime around 1998 or so, a subsidiary of Fox Television went to court for the right to make shit up. Read the decision yourself, on FindLaw. No, I’m not making it up.

It’s established that Fox has the right (and practices that right, despite any ethics associated with real journalism) to alter substantive facts and report them as news.

So, when a “news outlet” that is known to make things up calls you a liar, you might have a problem.  That’s exactly what FOX News did on August 30, 2012: They called Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention “deceiving”.  In fact, they specifically said that “Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”

The used three words to describe Ryan’s speech: Dazzling, deceiving and distracting. When a group that has gone to court for the right to make stuff up calls someone else “deceptive” it really gives me pause. I mean, my first inclination in that case is to dismiss the “deceptive” title as, well, made up. But they followed up the claim with several point/counterpoint statements that contradict some of Ryan’s statements. you know, like the one where Ryan blamed a Janesville, WI auto plant that was basically shut down in 2008 on President Obama… You know, the guy that stepped into the office of President in — What was it? Oh, yeah! 2009!

Oh, and did you hear about the RNC attendees who threw nuts at a black woman and said “this is how we feed animals” the other day? Yeah, check out the story here. The fact that the candidates weren’t heard to decry the act is not encouraging. This sort of race baiting is endemic to the ultra-right wing of the Republican party.

And it’s despicable. 

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand Fan, Brings Writer’s Philosophy To Presidential Stage

Actually, no. There are not plenty of jobs out there. Let alone high-paying (depending on your definition of the term). Fired after 13 years and one minor infraction. All that I can find is minimum wage retail, part time.

Oh, and those student LOANS that I’m taking out? Yeah, they have to be paid back. They’re not free money.
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Compassion in action

The other night, a young lady (late teens/early twenties) came up to me as I was straightening shelves in the pharmacy section. She seemed nervous and slightly agitated as she addressed me and asked where she could find “You know, pregnancy tests”.

I didn’t just point the way, I led her to the aisle where they were. I don’t know if she was hoping for a positive or a negative test, but that didn’t matter. I remember the day that Kristen came to me and (again in a nervous and agitated manner) informed me that she was pregnant.

It occurred to me that there is probably not something that a man can go through that is as emotionally intense as waiting for a pregnancy test to develop. Regardless of what the result is, her life is not going to stay the same. Assuming that its positive, she’s about to become a mother, perhaps for the first time. On the other hand,  she is about to go through a highly charged discussion with her male counterpart, which may end up with him leaving her in the lurch, or may end up with her having to decide to have an abortion. 

If the test is negative (not pregnant) she may end up having to inform her male counterpart that they are not going to have a baby at this time. The alternative is that she feels like she dodged the proverbial bullet and doesn’t have to deal with either an emotional discussion with him about the fact that he’s going to be a father OR she might have to go through an unsupported pregnancy or have an abortion.

I can’t help but feel my heart swell with compassion for every woman that I see pick up a pregnancy test. I don’t have to know her particular circumstance to know that she’s in for an emotional roller coaster once she gets home. I can’t help but think to myself “I hope that she gets the result that she wants” every time.

Now, I just need to work on bringing that compassion to the rest of my life. That’s a challenge.

War on Women Timeline

There is no war on women. There has never been a war on women.*

War on Women Timeline.

This seems to be a rather comprehensive compilation of the various anti-women actions that have been taken in the past year and a half (since 1/1/11) or so.

Let me be clear: I am pro choice but anti abortion. Some 14 years ago, I (we) came face to face with an unexpected pregnancy, after Kristen and I had previously discussed our views on abortion.

I am glad to report that, when confronted with the need to make a choice, both of us decided that abortion was not to be our decision. I would have supported her regardless of which way she chose to go, but I am truly glad that the choice was to bring another child into the world.

I am adamant that, as a man, I am involved with the choice of bringing a pregnancy to term. The woman, however, is committed. Kind of like a pig, a chicken, and breakfast: the chicken is involved (eggs), but the pig (bacon, anyone?) is committed.

I do not regret for a single instant the fact that we brought Katie to term.

Hateful comments will be deleted, but impassioned discussion will be allowed. It’s my blog, I can make the rules.

*With apologies to George Orwell.

Yeah, I’m a geek. Deal

Ok, it’s not the same national significance as the Mercury program, but I’m watching the landing of the Curiosity lander on Mars. I see on Twitter that there are LOTS of people doing the same thing, even in my little “Twibe” of folks. The real-time coverage from the control room is really REALLY cool!

I have to wonder what it was like back in the 60’s when we had such hugely important NASA programs. Were they as excited and thrilled as I am right now?  I know that my coverage is a lot better, what with the huge amount of news outlets and live streaming video that we have today.

Safe landing, Curiosity!

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