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Kristen and the kids are at the Illinois Job’s Daughters Grand Session this weekend, while I am home nominally alone. That’s not a problem, though I have not done anything productive today. 🙂  The problem is that there are problems issues with the event participation. 

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Fraternally speaking…

Square and Compass with "faith, hope, charity" bannerI am a Master Mason. I have been inactive for somewhere around 5 years, initially because I was working nights, then because the stated meeting conflicted with my daughters’ Job’s Daughters meeting night, then because of inertia. It wasn’t until recently that I had any impetus to go back, but I did, and am glad.

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Thought for the day

When I started working at Target, I met one of the managers and thought she was a bit of a crank. You know, moderately disagreeable, a bit bitchy, not the sort of person that you really want to get to know. Last night, I learned different.

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Punk kids…

The store was closed and we were finishing up everything to go home. One of the team leads asked one of her subordinates to do something. Or should I say that she “asked” him to do it.  

Well, he not only refused, but he rationalized (loudly) that she “only” asked him to do it, so he didn’t HAVE to do it. (Uh, whoops). He did this in front of the whole lot of us who were closing last night. This interaction kind of pissed me off, because he’s a punk-ass kid at the best of times.

Anyway, the manager on duty yelled at him in the “Mom” voice in front of everybody, since he caused a scene in front of everybody, too. Then she told him that she was writing him up again for insubordination.

When I told Tori about this, she was totally like “WTF, dude?!” After all, when someone who is the boss of you “asks” you to do something, it’s really just a nice way of them *telling* you do to it.

Damn kids. Some should be tied up and left in a closet until they mature.

Garden Update: 4 May

Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers. And, if I’m not a dumb-ass tomorrow, some jalapeños as well. That’s what’s in the garden this year. Things are looking pretty good, though!

Unfortunately, though, there was some natural selection that happened. One of my basil plants died and most of my slicing cucumbers haven’t come up.

Pictures (taken with my Samsung Captivate Android smart phone) after the jump

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School update

So week 4 ends today for my latest set of classes. These are “Social Media Application to Emergency and Disaster Management” and “Homeland Security Organization” and they are quite different from my Psychology program classes.  I think part of that is the fact that I am in a different school, but also the fact that I went from an Associate’s degree to a Bachelor’s degree. 

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